Wednesday 21st Apr 2021Specialty fasteners: Inconel, super duplex, 660, Hastelloy, Monel, 17/4PH, Xylan coated, 3.2 tested...

For 25 years, Hydrobolt has been manufacturing specialty fasteners for the world’s energy markets. Between 2011 and 2015, the North American market saw an increase in activity resulting in a substantial contribution to Hydrobolt’s revenue stream.

In 2016 Hydrobolt Group established an operation based in Houston, Texas to service the growing North American market, known as Hydrobolt USA. This operation was headed by Daniel Fellows. Daniel has over 10 years’ experience working at Hydrobolt’s head-quarters in the UK.

Daniel has become one of Hydrobolt’s most knowledgeable employees with regards to materials, specifications and manufacturing processes. Hydrobolt USA has the backing of $8m of inventory and a fully equipped manufacturing workshop, including CNC turning lathes and milling centers, hot forges and thread rolling machines.